Faculty Views on English Language Assessment

Over the last two decades, the convergence of technology and education has accelerated greatly, providing institutions and educators with a range of valuable tools to support teaching and learning. One specific area of education that has been particularly transformed by technology is language assessment. Education institutions across the globe are increasingly turning to online testing for their admissions, placement, progress monitoring, and certification needs. Digital assessment solutions are constantly adapting to the needs of the market, offering enhanced accuracy, efficiency, accessibility, and flexibility compared to traditional testing methods. Despite this progress, many educators remain skeptical regarding the use of digital solutions in the learning environment. To gain deeper insights into the attitudes higher education educators have towards language assessment, Burlington VTest conducted an international survey that examined key preferences, concerns, and requirements that educators have regarding their assessment needs. The survey identified trends in ideal assessment characteristics from educators across a diverse range of academic markets, and analyzed varying attitudes towards digital assessment solutions serving those needs.

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