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VTest is revolutionizing the K-12 English language assessment market with quality, flexible, and cost-effective assessment solutions which can be trusted by K-12 stakeholders — learners, teachers, parents, and policymakers.

A Powerful Educational Tool for Students, Teachers and Parents.

A New Learning Experience for Your Students


VTest for Schools covers 6 levels of CEFR (Pre-A1–C1). Questions gradually increase in difficulty. Each test ends at the learner’s maximum level.


Each student receives a detailed score report, breaking down strengths and areas of improvement by skill, as well as a certificate of achievement.


Tests are designed to give learners confidence and help them enjoy the testing experience. Every student gets a grade in each skill.


VTest assesses all 4 skills. Skills can be tested in one or separate sittings. Teachers and school owners can choose which combination they wish to assess.
VTests for Schools

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VTest for Schools solutions are variable in duration, administration options, modules and level, and can be adjusted to meet the personalized needs of teachers and students. 

VTest Value for



  • Smart and friendly tests
  • Seamless administration
  • Immediate results
  • Individual and class feedback reports for guided learning

VTest Value for



  • Engaging and motivating test process
  • Enjoyable and interactive tasks
  • Clear and informative results
  • Comprehensive feedback that guides individual student improvement

VTest Value for



  • One smart platform for all assessment needs
  • Flexible delivery and efficient administration at scale
  • Tailor-made multi-level reporting (including school and chain-school level)
  • Information and tools for strategic decisions

A Modern, Convenient Testing Experience

Delivered online, can be taken at any time and on any device.

Operates on a web-based platform, no downloads or plug-ins required.

Offers accessible testing solutions for learners with special requirements.

Preparation materials, guides, and resources for teachers and students, test samples, and more.

QR-validated score reports and GDPR compliance.

User-Friendly in Many Ways

Our exams are user-friendly and activity-based, helping students stay focused and motivated.

Our tests include elements for guiding students through the test and providing them with feedback and instructions.

The VTest experience is captivating and engaging for students.

Our tests are adaptive. Students' progress is adjusted to their level.

VTest accessibility technology supports students with disabilities or health-related needs.​

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