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English Assessment Reimagined

Adaptive & Accurate

Our adaptive technology gradually aligns with each test-taker’s progress, increasing and decreasing in difficulty in relation to the individual student’s CEFR level.

Flexible & Adaptable

The VTest assessment platform is designed to accommodate diverse needs. Assessments are modular, and different administration options are available.

For Quick & Smart Decision-Making

Individual scores and institution-wide reports are delivered quickly to ensure an informed decision-making process, so that no opportunities are lost.

Full Onboarding & Support

The VTest team provides exceptional 24/7/365 support to all clients. We’re here to guide, train, or manage your account.
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Smart and friendly tests

Immediate results for placement and progress monitoring

Institution, group, and individual reports

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User-friendly testing process

Clear and informative results

Guided feedback for personal improvement

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One smart platform for all English exams

Group reports for informed decision-making

Easy to organize and monitor at scale

Why Choose VTest?

Delivered online, can be taken at any time and on any device.

Operates on a web-based platform, no downloads or plug-ins required.

Accomodates learners with learning difficulties and other disabilities.

Prepare with test samples, tips, and other resources.

Secure, inviolable, encrypted score reports and GDPR compliant.

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Backed by 40 Years of Expertise

Drawing inspiration from best practices, we follow scientific evidence, quality standards, and current assessment trends.
An innovative team of CEFR specialists, item writers, higher education experts, English instructors, EdTech engineers, and psychometricians.
Building on Burlington Group’s 40 years of expertise in language teaching, learning, assessment, teacher training and educational research around the world.

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