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VTest offers innovative assessment solutions in a secure environment, anytime, anywhere, and on any device for universities, schools, and companies.
We specialize in English assessments.

Smart Testing, Flexibility, & Accessibility

For a better assessment of your learners’ abilities.
VTest exams give you a wide variety of tools to build your assessment plan, according to your needs.

Create What You Need, How You Need It

Whether focusing on specific language skills or customizing the delivery methods of tests and results, our customers can design the process that aligns best with their assessment objectives.

English Assessment for All Ages

VTest offers age-appropriate assessments covering all CEFR levels. Whether you’re a school, an academic institution, or an employer, we have the assessment for you.

Comprehensive Evaluation

VTest provides learners with a detailed analysis of their strengths and areas needing improvement, aligning perfectly with their learning objectives and helping them make real progress. 

Additional Features and Services

VTest offers extensive support in platform administration and in the analysis of our leaners’ results. Our assessments can also  include a video and written interview. 

Smart Test & Assessment Design

Empowering progress through engagement, personalized precision, and analysis

VTest's interactivity and user-friendly navigation enhances the overall assessment experience, keeping learners motivated and involved throughout the assessment process.

Our assessment design incorporates adaptive testing methodologies, adjusting the difficulty level of questions based on the test-taker's responses. This approach ensures a more accurate evaluation of the individual's skill level, optimizing the assessment experience.

Our assessment design provides comprehensive insights into learners' performance. It allows for in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and learning patterns, enabling educators and learners to make informed decisions for targeted improvement strategies.

Modular Unique Testing Experience

Questions gradually increase in difficulty. The test stops at the learner’s level.

Our teams include linguists, psychometricians, assessment experts, and topic specialists

Designed for schools, academia, and workplace purposes on a 10-level CEFR scale

Multiple-skills assessments are offered: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing

Variable test duration depending on candidate’s progress

New Technology, New Design, New Possibilities

Harnessing cutting-edge technology and science, we provide innovative tools for both educators and students.

Create & Deliver Your Own Exams

Using Our Open Exam Platform
Use our Open Exam Platform to create, administer, and score your own exams

Create new exams including your questions, scoring, and certificates

Deliver your exams using our online or on-site proctoring solution

Add a video and writing interview to your own exams