VTest Security

Our comprehensive security measures, combining advanced technology and human oversight, ensure a trustworthy and secure online testing environment for all candidates.

We Value Technology & Prioritize Reliability

VTest includes cutting-edge technology, as well as human involvement  in every single aspect to ensure a trustworthy assessment process.  

Secure Administration, Certificates & Reporting.

Reliable AI & Human-based Scoring.

Smart Adaptivity Models & Item-Mixing.

Assessment Content and Secure Reporting

We provide individualized testing experiences and feedback.

Score reports and official certificates provided via secure code alongside candidate photo.

Adaptive Testing: Multi-versioning and item mixing create unique test sessions.

Randomly selected questions for a diverse and secure testing experience.

Controlled Test Termination: The test concludes when the candidates level has been comprehensively determined.

Secure and Simple Access and Interface

VTest’s active access and interface protocols support secure test distribution and administration.

Web-based, no downloads or plug-ins.

Log in via unique code or API.

Full-screen mode and multiple screen detection.

Exams are conducted in secure online environments, at home or in Test Centers.

Secure Test Taking

VTest offers extra layers of security to counter potential unethical test-taking behaviors. 

AI implemented throughout test administration to flag suspicious behaviors.

Experienced human supervisors monitor testing process and intervene when needed.

Proctoring security measures including ID verification, photo capture, sound and behavior analysis and candidate screening.

Optional video and written interview allow for added layer of security.

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