Administration Management

Opt for VTest full-service administration, or personally manage assessment delivery, progress, and results through our comprehensive VTest platform. 

Be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like.

Efficient and Dynamic Administration Options to Suit Your Needs

Create the perfect administration model to fit your specific needs by consulting with the VTest team.

Full-Service Administration

Let us handle every aspect of VTest administration on your behalf. 

Partial-Service Administration

Use the VTest platform to monitor and oversee progress, while leaving administration tasks to the VTest team. 

Autonomous Administration

Exercise complete autonomy and control over platform management and administration. 

Tailor your level of involvement in VTest administration – from our full-service solution to autonomous administration.

Distribute assessments via automatic code generation or through individual test assignments.

Monitor assessment completion progress. 

Access candidate results, score report, and certificates, as well as institution-wide group data.