VTest English – Career Specific

VTest offers industry or career-specific English exam modules that allow institutions to assess key English abilities within relevant fields. 

Workplace Safety

A new generation of language tests, that motivate and reward learners.

Hospitality and Tourism

Your high-stakes assessment for ensuring academic success in English.

Business English

Assess and certify English proficiency across your institution. 

On-Demand Assessment

workplace assessment and certification, for recruitment and job placement.

Assess Career-Specific English Skills

To explore VTest’s range of career-specific assessment solutions, book a free consultation today. 

Recruitment and

Qualification and Certification

Training and Skill Development

Written and Spoken Interview Add-Ons

Create & Deliver Your Own Exams

Using the VTest Open Exam platform

Use our Open Exam Platform to create, administer and score your own exams

Create new exams including your questions, scoring and certificates

Deliver your exams using our online or on-site proctoring solution

Add video and writing interview to your own exams