Teachers views on K-12 English Language Assessment

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, language teachers around the globe were forced to adjust their traditional teaching methods in order to adapt to the new realities of a virtual classroom. A major component of this digital learning infrastructure shift was the use of online language assessments for placing students, monitoring progress and measuring achievement. As pandemic regulations have lessened, and teaching has returned to face-to-face instruction, many questions arise regarding the value that digital English learning solutions have within the classroom, and whether teachers will opt for the further use of digitized teaching and learning methods, taking advantage of all the benefits that online platforms have to offer. In this study, Burlington VTest analyzed a pool of international K-12 English teachers’ attitudes toward choosing assessment methods, specifically, what features and components are most important and least important to them, and how open they are to the continued use of online assessment solutions.

The survey provided open-ended opportunities for teachers to provide specific feedback regarding their English language assessment wants, needs and concerns. The results suggest that despite having used digital learning solutions throughout the pandemic, many teachers remain skeptical as to whether online tests can provide the same quality of assessment, feedback and academic integrity as in-person assessment alternatives. However, the results also suggest that the majority of polled teachers are open to and interested in adopting new technological methods. These findings provide valuable insight into the uncertainty regarding digital learning solutions that linger after two years of intensive e-learning.

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