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VTest is the result of collaboration among experts in academic, educational, research, and technological sectors, offering highly accurate, practical, and cutting-edge assessment solutions. 

Our Approach

Bringing Together Human Brilliance and AI Innovation.

Literature Review

Comprehensive review of the existing literature on language testing and related research.

Pilot Testing

Small and large scale test administrations to test takers coming from different ethnic, social, and language backgrounds.

Statistical Analysis

Analysis of test data using statistical methods to examine test validity, reliability, and item characteristics.

Survey Research

Collection of data through surveys and controlled experiments to test hypotheses about language testing.

Standards and Data-Driven Excellence

We maintain high-quality standards and use data to achieve outstanding results in everything we do.

VTest is built upon extensive research, ensuring evidence-based methodologies and practices.

Our exams adhere to CEFR, ensuring compatibility and comparability with global benchmarks.

Leading experts in the field develop our exams, ensuring their quality and reliability.

We prioritize data-driven decision-making and leverage advanced analytics to enhance our products and services.

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