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VTEST ENGLISH – Manual of the candidate


Before taking any VTEST exam, it is recommended to read carefully the manual. Please find the link below:

Manual of the candidate VTEST ENGLISH – Listening & Reading 


VTEST Full-screen recommendation

After going through the test information pages, you are asked to press the start button of your test. When clicking the START button, you will be moved on a full-screen mode. 

Do not try to quit the full-screen mode, to copy-paste any screen, or to use any kind of translator. If you do it, our secure internet checker will detect a suspicious activity and your test will be stopped or discarded immediately using any kind of device including computer, tablet or smartphone.

If because of the broadband or any kind of event, you exit the test times, your test will be in a BLOCK mode. In that specific case, please contact your VTEST Center indicated in your confirmation email.

Do not use smartphone's specific browser

If you want to take the test using a smartphone, please do not use your smartphone’s specific browser and prefer using CHROME. We cannot guarantee the perfect delivery of the test using other smartphone’s browsers.

If because of the broadband or any king of event, you exit the test times, your test will be in a BLOCK mode. In that specific case, please contact your VTEST official test center indicated in your convocation.

Having problems with web browsers

Depending on your browser and your device, you can encounter specific difficulties depending on the version, the cache, and cookies.

We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache and cookies, as these cause numerous problems when navigating sites over the web.
If that does not resolve your problem, you will want to try a different browser entirely. We have included a list below of browsers that work well for today’s web content. Also, make sure to clear the other browser’s cache and cookies as well prior to loading the page.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer above version 9.0 (Prefered after version 11.0)
  • Edge


Additionally, you can try using a feature called Private Browsing.
– In Firefox, click on the Firefox button in the upper-right corner and select New Private Window.
– In Chrome, click on the Options buttons (3 horizontal lines to the right of the URL bar) and choose the option for an Incognito Window.
– In Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner, select Safety, then select InPrivate Browsing.

You will also want to check the version of your browser, downloading and installing any updates that may be available.

At the end, if it doesn’t work, please use another device, even a smartphone with Chrome will be suitable

Issues using I-OS and SAFARI when your exam is online proctored

If your VTEST exam is online proctored using photo and video, you cannot use SAFARI. If you start your test using SAFARI you will be stopped and you will see the message below. We recommend you to use Chrome even on your I-OS computer or you Iphone.


My exam is online proctored? Why and what are the requirements?

The online proctoring administration mode is used following the requirements of the Official Test Center, the company or the institution requiring the exam.
For the online proctoring the candidate must have:

  • a valid official ID (passport, driver’s license, country ID card), with an up-to-date photo
  • access to a quiet space with no one else present in the room
  • good Internet connection or 4G equivalent, if using your cell phone
  • a computer with front-facing camera or smartphone;
  • headphones with microphone, or speakers

To know more about the complete VTEST online proctoring requirements, please read the candidate’s manual before taking the test.


During the test, our AI (artificial intelligence) powered engine is:

  • Checking and comparing the various photos, videos, and photo IDs of the candidate, using facial recognition for identity confirmation
  • Watching for suspicious behavior via the photo, video, and web-navigation analysis.

If an identity breach or other suspicious behavior is detected, the delivery of the test results could be delayed from one to 48 hours, the time for our supervisors to review the exam. This information is displayed on the candidate result page and the VTEST Official Test Center is informed.

If the supervisor confirms the suspicion, the test results will be delivered with a dedicated mention: SECURITY COMPROMISED and the reasons will be written onto the score report.

Please make sure to comply to all VTEST online proctoring requirements.

How can I make a claim if my VTEST exam is placed on suspicious confirmed?

If the supervisor confirms the suspicion, the test results will be delivered with a dedicated mention: SECURITY COMPROMISED and the reasons will be written onto the score report.

IF you disagree with the decision, you have 2 month to come with a claim.

For any claim, VTEST will:

  • Ask another supervisor to analyze the proctoring data in order to make sure there is no mistake or misinterpretation
  • Answer the claim by providing the candidate with more detailed evidence about the suspicion

Access the VTEST claim form



The INTERVIEW is an optional feature, which the candidate performs after the test ends. It is usually required by the VTEST Official Test Center.

The interview is composed of:

  • A video interview lasting from 1 to 5 minutes
  • A writing activity lasting from 5 to 15 minutes

The questions for the video and the writing interview can be either standardized questions, provided by VTEST, or customized questions from the VTEST Official Test Center.The duration can be customized as well.

The optional video interview requires that the candidate bring specific, properly equipped devices to the exam. These include an appropriate headset with microphone and also a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with front-facing camera.

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